The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation – Fellowship Application Form 2018 for Namibian learners currently in Grade 12

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation – Fellowship Application Form 2018 for Namibian learners currently in Grade 12


  • Indication of entrepreneurial flair and passion
  • Citizenship of Namibia
  • Belief in the future of your country
  • Ambassador of the Foundation’s intended profile. In other words, demonstrating a Spirit of Significance, Intellectual Imagination, Achievement Excellence, Personal Initiative and Courageous Commitment.
  • Intention to study for a Commerce, Science (excluding Medicine), Engineering, Law or Humanities (majoring in Politics, Philosophy OR Economics) degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, University of Johannesburg, University of Cape Town, Nelson Mandela University, Rhodes University, University of the Western Cape, Stellenbosch University, University of Pretoria and University of the Free State.

Academic Requirements:

  • Minimum C [Extended level] or minimum 3 [High level] average in Mathematics for Grade 11 results
  • Minimum B [Extended level] or minimum 3 [High level] average for Grade 12 April results)
  • Certified copies of Academic/Extra-curricular awards/recognition must be provided for Grade 10, 11 and 12. Candidates must not be older than 21 years of age in 2018
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation P.O. Box 230 Windhoek 100 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Heritage Square, Unit 2, 1st Floor Windhoek

Important note to applicants

  • The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation seeks to promote progress through entrepreneurship in an integrated Southern Africa. The Foundation aims to achieve this mission by identifying, educating and equipping demographically diverse individuals who have the potential to excel and make a significant future impact as high impact responsible entrepreneurs.
  • All shortlisted candidates are required to have independently written the National Benchmark Tests (NBT) (AQL and Maths) by 30 September 2018. Additional information on the National Benchmark Tests can be obtained from your school, or by calling 021 650 3523. Failure to write NBT by the stipulated dates will exclude you from the selection process.
  • All information requested by the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation will be kept confidential. The Foundation will not disseminate any personal information unless specifically authorised on page 14 of this application.
  • Submission of this application form to the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation does NOT automatically guarantee that you (the applicant) will be awarded the Allan Gray Fellowship.
  • Allan Gray Orbis Foundation would not solicit funds from candidates
  • Faxed and/or emailed copies of the application form will NOT be accepted. Please ensure that you submit the application form in good time in order to meet the application deadline. Application forms received after 27 July 2018 (17h00) will NOT be considered.
  • Please retain a copy of your completed application form and other relevant documents for your own records. Only applications received in ENGLISH will be accepted.
  • Allan Gray Orbis Foundation contact details: Tel: 061 – 221103 | Email: | Website: Please direct all queries to the contact details provided above. Queries posted on social media platforms e.g. Facebook or Twitter will not receive a response.

2018 Selection Process

Step Task Date
Step 1 Submit completed application form 27 July 2018
Step 2 Fellowship candidates expected to write the National Benchmark Tests AQL and Mathematics
Test by 30 September 2018
Step 3 Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a face to face interview July–August 2018
Step 4 Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a Selection Camp October 2018

Please note that applicants will be contacted after each step of the selection process to notify them of their application status.

Application Checklist

You will need to make sure that all requirements are carefully met and the correct information is provided so that your application can be processed.

❏ Attach a Recent Passport Size Photograph of Applicant

❏ Certified copy of your ID

❏ Certified copy of your final Grade 10 report Certified copy of your final Grade 11 report (most recent)

❏ Grade 12 report (where available)

❏ Recent passport-size photograph

❏ Minimum C [Extended level] or minimum 3 [High level] average in Mathematics for Grade 11 results

❏ Minimum B [Extended level] or minimum 3 [High level] average for Grade 12 April results

❏ Certified copies of Academic/Extra-curricular awards/recognition/supporting documentation obtained in Grade 10, 11 and 12

❏ Stamped and signed reference from an Educator enclosed with application in a separately sealed envelope

❏ I am currently in Grade 12

❏ I have taken a gap year after school

❏ Parent’s/ Legal guardian’s signature(page14) Applicant’s signature (page14)

❏ The application must be completed in ENGLISH


NB: Unfortunately you cannot apply through the online system on the portal, therefore you need to download ( save and print out) the electronic form here.

NOTE: Considering its such a long application, applicants are encouraged to start early. First year students can apply as well if they meet the other requirements and are willing to transfer to South Africa.

If you need help with proofreading or advise on your application, you can contact also one of our (Namibian Opportunities) mentors,  Hilja Eelu on her email

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