1. Youth Leading Namibia

Through this program we identify and support the efforts of outstanding young change-makers in Namibia. Youth Leading Namibia operates through our mentoring programs. At Namibian Opportunities we shape young people as leaders, partners and beneficiaries who are capable of having a fair chance in applying for national and international opportunities including but not limited to internships, scholarship, fellowships, job opportunities and contests. We also equip young people with the kind of leadership that allow them to represent Namibia at international conferences and summits.   Our young people also benefit from advanced leadership training, coaching/mentoring, advocacy, funding, and networking opportunities. At Namibian Opportunities we maintain a network of nation/regional and global youth leadership institutes that provide similar support and services to emerging leaders, while developing the youth leadership sector in their respective countries.

2. Youth in Business

We believe that building entrepreneurship is vital to Namibia’s economic stability.  Through this initiative we want to raise young, talented and business-minded people. We educate and promote young people’s businesses in various categories. We strive to unleash young people’s creativity and innovation through youth work and non-formal learning in social cohesion. We help young entrepreneurs on how to secure funds and grants for their startups. As a way of giving them exposure, we drive the dialogue between the youth involved in businesses and the potential investors. At Namibian Opportunities we envision a Namibia that is led by its young people, where young people are at the center of job creation and not necessary job seeking.  We also acknowledge our role in helping to eliminate poverty and hunger as part of the sustainable development goals. We examine the concept of youth in business and entrepreneurship from the youth point of view.

3. Youth in Dialogue

Through this program we trigger youth engagement in political, social, and economic conversations aimed at encouraging youth integration in national, regional and global issues. Youth in Dialogue operates through social media engagement, blogging, scholarly writing and debates on national and global issues of concern, such as human rights, especially issues relating to women, children, youth and other minorities, climate change and environmental concerns, global conflict, democracy and governance. The aim of this program is to enhance youth engagement in matters of common concern as a means of youth integration in development processes and platforms. Namibian Opportunities thus seeks to provide a platform for youth to engage in professional dialogues and conversations in order to address issues of common concern related to young people’s professional development and national development locally.

4. Mentoring Programs

We value mentorship at Namibian Opportunities. Our mentorship program gives an opportunity to exceptional young people in their early careers to provide mentorships to their peers in their field of expertise. Our mentors are highly qualified young people who are dedicated to social impact and building a Namibian community of young people that are leading the change. Mentorship is a voluntary role and is an opportunity to provide support to a generation of young leaders from Namibia.

5. Outreach Programs

This program allows us to reach out to young people in various regions in Namibia. We organize outreach trips to give motivational talks to young people in primary schools, secondary schools and institutions of Higher Learning across the country. We work in partnership with organizations and young people that are like minded to promote community impacts projects and projects that are dedicated to enhancing the awareness in global issues. Through our community outreach programs we identify needs in a certain community and provide support in kind to the young people in dire circumstance.