About Us

Who we are

Namibian Opportunities is an online platform/community that aims to expose young Namibian’s to life changing opportunities taking place around the world and within the country. It operates within the most popular cyber spaces such as social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. While the central function of Namibian Opportunities is seeking out various opportunities for which Namibians are eligible, such as internships, fellowships, summits, conferences and contests, developmental support is also prioritized for those who venture in advocacy and activism work is blended around global issues such as, human rights, peace and security, conflict resolution and mediation, environmental issues, good governance and the fight against poverty and hunger.  We engage with young people through different programs such Youth Leading Namibia, youth in dialogue, mentorship, youth in business and community outreach programs that are dedicated to shaping change driven young people across the country.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading career guidance institution in Namibia and around the world. We hope to inspire many young Africans to establish a similar network for young people in their home countries.

Contact Us

If you have any opportunity-related enquiries that you would like to make with Namibian Opportunities, kindly complete the form below to inform us about it.

You can also mail us at info@namibianopp.org.