Kornelia Ndapewa Iipinge

Kornelia Ndapewa Iipinge is from Okaandje village in the Ongwediva Constituency, northern Namibia. She holds an MSc in Integrated Water Resources Management from the University of Zimbabwe (SADC WaterNet fellow) and a BSc (Hons) in Integrated Environmental Science from the University of Namibia. She is currently an Embedded Researcher for the Future Resilience for African CiTies and Lands (FRACTAL) Project in Namibia in partnership with the University of Namibia and City of Windhoek. The aim of the FRACTAL project is to advance scientific knowledge about regional climate responses to human activities and work with decision makers to integrate this scientific knowledge into climate-sensitive decisions at the city-regional level.

Kornelia has worked as a Namibian Environment Professional Apprentice at United Nations Development Programme- Namibia Country Office; a Research assistant at Gobabeb Research and Training Centre; and an intern at both the Namibia Botanical Research Institute and Cheetah Conservation Fund. Kornelia is interested in water, climate change and environmental research; social science research; and project administration and management. She is passionate about charity work and youth development. She is a member of the following youth groups: Namibian Youth on Renewable Energy (NaYoRE), Water Youth–Namibia and Namibia Youth Biodiversity Network.