Emmi Shivute-Kamati

Emmi Shivute-Kamati is the founder of Evergreen Wellness Solutions, an independent Namibian Social Science consultancy, providing a comprehensive range of services in psycho-social support and counselling in the community, empowering Namibian youth through the National Youth Council and many other organisations, health education training and organising a Namibian Talent show among others. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from the University of Namibia, currently finalising her Masters in Public Health at the same university. Her other educational background and skills includes Project Management for strategic advantage and Resource Mobilization.

A Social Worker by profession, her extensive work background has been dominated by community development, Policy analysis as well as Health and wellness. Over the years she has managed to engage individuals, Namibian youth, organizations and communities in realizing true potential and capitalizing on their strengths to develop healthier beings and ultimately a healthier environment in Namibia.

She has also been involved in training the Namibian youth on the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), Gender Equity mainstreaming and the Gender Policy as well as Leadership, empowering the youth to be future leaders.

She does all this work because she believes that young people nowadays, experience difficulties in deciding what to do with their lives especially when they are out of school youth or unemployed, thus they end up drifting away from their own productive ideas.  Her work in the Social Science services field therefore serves as the link between individuals, families and their schools/ workplaces etcetera.

Additionally, Emmi is very passionate about making the youth experience on Namibian Opportunities a positive one.

For mentorship, guidance and assistance, you can contact Emmi by email