Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) Bursary Programs 2019

Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) Bursary Programs 2019

For more information about each bursary, please call the NCAA bursary hotline on
081 761 7113 or visit the NCAA Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn pages
and DM your question. You can also visit

When do applications open?

July 2019

  • Email applications for ATSEP open (send all required documents to
  • Email applications for ATCO open (send email to for further information)

2 September 2019

  • The PreciseFit Online Assessment for ATCO and ATSA goes live
  • Shortlisting of candidates start

23 September 2019

  • Applications close for all 3 roles
What are the minimum requirements and qualifications required to apply for a bursary?

Depending on the bursary, applicants MUST:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old and a Namibian citizen
  • Completed Grade 12
  • Be willing to undergo psychometric assessments; security, criminal record and credit checks, and medical examinations.


What documentation is required to apply for one of the bursaries?
  • Copy of your Grade 12 results.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Copy of your drivers’ license.
  • Copy of your Academic Record


Where will the training take place?

Depending on the role ATSEP, ATCO and ATSA academic training will take place at ATNS in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the On the Job Training part of the bursary will happen in Namibia at various NCAA equipment sites, aerodrome control towers and the Windhoek air traffic control centre.


Why must I have a valid passport to apply for a bursary?

Part of the training takes place at ATNS (Air Traffic Navigation Services) in Johannesburg, South Africa, therefore, to ensure there are no delays once the bursaries have been awarded, valid passports are mandatory to apply. Passports must be valid to at least 31 December 2021 and have at least 6 blank pages for insertion of the student visa and entry/exit stamps. Applicants whose passports do not meet the requirements should apply for a second passport.


Why must I have a driver’s license to apply for a bursary?

The work that needs to be done to fulfil each role requires that the student must be able to drive – without a license the person would not be able to do the work required.


What is PreciseFit and why must I complete it?

PreciseFit is an online psychometric assessment test developed for the bursary application process. It uses standard and scientifc ways to measure applicants’ capabilities and behavioural styles through several questions. Generally, psychometric tests are designed specially to measure candidates’ suitability for specific job roles based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude needed to work in the specific area. That’s why even if an applicant takes a test multiple times, if the job isn’t suited to the type of person they are, the test will always come back negative.


Must all applicants complete the PreceiseFit Online Assessment?

No – applicants for the ATSEP bursary must only send their required documentation to from where shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


What happens if I get logged out of PreciseFit before completing my assessment?

Upon registration and logging in, you’ll receive an email from SHL with a link that, if you are accidentally logged out, you can click to return to the last question you were answering.


What is the complete process of applying for a bursary?
  • Submit documentation to email address provided.
  • Online game serves as initial contact point and application.
  • Based on your responses to the scenario’s and questions presented, you will receive further communication. (At this point a candidate can be rejected based on job fit.)
  • Should you be successful in Step 1 and 2, you will be invited for Psychometric Assessments.
  • Should you be successful in Step 4, you will be invited forfinal interviews.
  • Should you be successful in the final interviews, an oer for the bursary may be made, you will need to accept or decline within 5 working days of having received the offer.
  • Completion of contractual formalities and submission of certified copies of documents submitted electronically.
  • Submission of completed student visa application form together with supporting documents as prescribed.
  • Bursary commences following issuing of student visa.


When does the ATSEP training start and finish?

The ATSEP academic training is planned to start on 3 February 2020 andfinish on 4 December 2020. On the Job training is planned to start on 14 December 2020 and finish on 4 June 2021.


When does ATSA training start and finish?

The ATSA academic training is planned to start on 10 February 2020 and finish on 22 May 2020. Bursary holders will return to  Windhoek for initial on the job training and consolidation work. Flight Information Services rating training will follow between 14 September 2020 and 19 March 2021 with on the job training planned to start on 4 December 2020 and finish on 11 June 2021.


Will I have to work for the NCAA if I am awarded a bursary?

Should you successfully complete the full academic and on the job training program you will be required to work for the NCAA Air Navigation Services for at least five years (5), should we make you an oer of employment in terms of the Bursary Agreement. If you decline the oer of employment you will be required to repay the bursary amount in full in terms of the Bursary Agreement.


How do I calculate the number of Admission Points referenced in the Bursary advert?

The minimum education requirements stated in the advert is that you should have a Namibian National Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC)/Grade 12 (Ordinary Level) with at least 25 Admission Points, at least Grade C for Mathematics and English and no grade less than Grade D for the three highest graded subjects excluding Mathematics and English. You can calculate the number of admission points using the table below by mapping your symbols in column two (2) or three (3) against the admission points scale in column one (1) and totalling the points for the five (5) subjects mapped.


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