How To Post Your First Opportunity

First Things, First


Welcome to the Namibian Opportunities web platform, we thank you for your being part of our community and  for being actively involved in the dream of ensuring that every young person has access to national and international opportunities. 

Our primary objective is to expose you to a world of unlimited educational and economic opportunities such as internships, vacancies, fellowships , scholarships and opportunities to attend conferences and summits at home and abroad. 

We created this website because we believe in your ability to contribute positively to  our country and the world. Should you have any questions or suggestions for us, please feel free to let us know  at

Make Your First Post

Well, enough with the talking, it is time for some actions. Please follow the simple steps below to make to make your first post on the Namibian Opportunities web platform.

  1. Open Website
    Open the below website link in your browser (for the best experience, we recommend that you do this on your computer).

    Figure 1: Open Website
    Figure 1: Open Website


  2. Select “Post Opportunity” Link From MenuClick on the “Post Opportunity” link on the navigation menu to take you to the posting page.
    Figure 2: Select “Post Opportunity” Link From Menu
    Figure 2: Select “Post Opportunity” Link From Menu


  3. Acknowledge “Terms and Conditions for Posting” Opportunities

    Once on thePost Opportunitypage, you will see a dialog of the terms and conditions for posting shown like the one below. You will be given two choices: I Agree & I Disagree. If you agree, you will be presented with the opportunity posting form.If you disagree, you will not be allowed to post anything, however, we would like to hear your reasons, should you not agree

    figure 3: Terms and Conditions for Posting
    figure 3: Terms and Conditions for Posting


  4. Post Opportunity (Complete Simple Form)Upon accepting the “Terms and Conditions for Posting” on Namibian Opportunities’ web platform, you will need to complete/fill-in an easy form, with the information of the “Opportunity” that you are posting.When posting an opportunity, please provide the following information in the respective provided form fields:
    • Your Name (the name of the person posting)
    • Post Title (the heading/title of the post being published)
    • Specify Deadline (the end date of the post being published)
    • Post Category (specify which type of post it is; Scholarship, Conference, Local Work, etc)
    • Post Description (enter all content information related to post)
    • Upload an Image (helps set a featured image for your post)

    Once you have entered the form details, you can save & submit your form.

    figure 4: Post Opportunity (Complete Simple Form)
    figure 4: Post Opportunity (Complete Simple Form)

Help Line

Please feel free to let us know on here if you are having any troubles making your posts on the web platform.















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