Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation Uppsals University 2018 International Training on Dialogue and Mediation (Funded)

Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation Uppsals University 2018 International Training on Dialogue and Mediation



The International Training on Dialogue and Mediation will be held in Uppsala on 4-14 June 2018. It builds on 45 years of peace and conflict research and education at Uppsala University, combined with insights from the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation’s ongoing engagement in international policy discussions in the peacebuilding field.

Many regional inter-governmental organisations active in the area of Dialogue and Mediation globally have created special units for engaging with conflict prevention, mediation, peacemaking or peacebuilding. Similar developments can be observed in regional civil society organisations. In this rapid and dynamic process, practitioners have increasingly come to realise the importance of a continuous exchange of knowledge, experience and perspectives to improve understanding and performance.


Deadline 15 March 2018


This training is specially designed for practitioners, policymakers and researchers from international and regional organisations, civil society and universities with a particular focus on the use of dialogue in building and sustaining peace in developing countries and territories eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA). Participants will become acquainted with the latest research in this field, guided by skilled experts, and will jointly reflect on its relevance and applicability to their ongoing work while developing a network of colleagues from other countries.




Read the Brochure’ (PDF) where you can learn more about the training and your eligibility to apply.

Before applying:

Download the  ‘Nomination form’ (PDF) and have it filled out by your employer. We recommend that your nominator fills it out digitally and then signs it by hand.

Then scan the nomination form and upload it, along with your CV, to this dropbox folder. Please make sure you upload both documents as your application will be considered incomplete otherwise.


You can find the online application form here. Kindly make sure you follow the instructions in the form carefully. If you have not already submitted your signed nomination form and CV follow the instructions at the end of application to do so. Deadline for applications is 15 March 2018.


For more information http://www.daghammarskjold.se/itdm/

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