Nancy Lubasi

Nancy Lubasi is a 23 years old social entrepreneur. She is well versed in the field of economics and public relations. Nancy is a youth activist and has been involved in many international youth development programmes such Model United Nations, Model African Union, AIESEC Youth speak Forums and Youth to Business. She has served the University of Namibia as a Researcher and Student Intern under the Office of the Dean of Students: Contemporary Issues Department. Her areas of interests are in economic, market research and broadening the possibilities of business investments in Namibia and private equity funding and debt management.

Nancy is the Heads the Youth in Business program, one of the prominent programs operating under the Namibian Opportunities umbrella, the program is dedicated to promoting business and entrepreneurship by identifying innovative young people and giving them a platform for potential investors and personal growth. Additionally she co-founded: SMART Research Namibia, an economic and market research Company for SME’s in Namibia and investors with the aim of investing in Namibian businesses. Founder of: Girls in Progress Namibia. This is a non-governmental organization that mentors and advices young girls and boys in social gender issues, HIV/AIDS, how to break stigmas and advocates for equal rights between men and women in a patriarchal system, the organization focuses on teaching the fundamental rights of every human being and respecting and adhering to the rights.

My aim is to revive the lost art of mentorship starting from grassroots level. I aim to encourage many Namibians to be global citizens and to adapt the ability of critical thinking in finding the solutions to curb youth unemployment and gender inequalities. I want every Namibian to be reared in being a self-sustaining citizen and opportunity maker. I practice servant leadership.

For mentorship, guidance and assistance, you can contact Nancy by email