Helena Kandjumbwa

Helena Kandjumbwa holds a diploma in Paralegal Studies and is now undertaking her LLB (Honours) Degree at the University of Namibia. Apart from her studies, Helena is a social entrepreneur who’s worked in and amongst the most impoverished communities of Windhoek, particularly in the field of education and early childhood development and as a result has been awarded the 2015 Child Projection Award by the Hope Initiatives Southern Africa Organization.

As a volunteer teacher to Orphans and Vulnerable Children for over three years and having been directly exposed to the reality of poverty and its scarring effects on the child as it pertains to educational development, Helena concluded that there are a plethora of both unmet and under-met educational needs that require urgent intervention. It is upon this conclusion that she founded a non-profit organisation called Upliftment Projects Namibia which seeks to, amongst a host of other things, holistically redress and reform preparatory phase education in the informal settlements, as well as to ensure that the impoverished Namibian child is subject to learn in a stimulating and dignified environment.

Helena serves as the president of the Model United Nations Club at the University of Namibia, a renowned educational program that allows students to simulate the role of world leaders in attempts to find solutions to some of the most intricate and threatening issues pressing on the international agenda. In addition, the program is geared towards promoting youth involvement in politics, diplomacy, and leadership. She is also a member of the Global Shapers, an initiative backed by the World Economic Forum and led by young people whose aim is to shape and contribute positively to the community in which they find themselves.

For mentorship, guidance and assistance, you can contact Helena by email