Heinrich Aluvilu

Heinrich N. Aluvilu is currently a pursuing a Masters of Computer Science, specialising in Software Development at Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). He holds a National Diploma in Information Technology (Poly), B.IT in Software Engineering (Poly), Bachelors of Computer Science Honours: Software Development (NUST). As an open-minded individual, he is always in search of new knowledge in various domains, particularly that of the Computer Science field.

To ensure that he is constantly working on his long-term vision of living in a better Namibia where everyone has access to the same opportunities, Heinrich is a member of the following local communities: Google Developer Group (GDG) Windhoek (Organising Member), Developer Circles from Facebook: Windhoek (Organising Member), Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII) Developer Circle (Member), Internet Society (ISOC) Namibia Chapter (Member), and through them, has has been involved in the participation as & organizations of events hosted by these communities like the Summer School on Culture and Computer Science (2015, NUST), Bank Windhoek “GoTaxi” Hackathon (2015, won 3rd place), Open Data Innovation Hackathon (2015, 2016 & 2017), Google I/O 2016 Windhoek (Co-Organizer), 1st Namibia Gender Based Violence (GBV) Hackathon (Co-Organiser), International Conference on Culture & Computer Science Namibia 2016 (Published Paper), GDG DevFest 2016 Namibia (Co-Organiser), Google Cloud Next – Extended & IWD (2017, Co-Organiser), Windhoek Technical High School (HTS) Computer Day Panel Discussion (2017), to mention a few.

Heinrich currently works as a Programmer for FNB Holdings Ltd in Windhoek, Namibia. Prior to joining FNB, he worked for a local ICT company Green Enterprise Solutions (Pty) Ltd, serving the roles of Software Developer & UI/UX Designer, for 3 years 10 months.

Outside all of that, he considers himself a lifelong learner who enjoys meeting new people who among other interests, also have interests in academics and education matters that affect the experiences of pupils/learners/students/scholars at schools/institutions both locally and internationally. Thus, he developed a tendency of engaging in student activities whenever he can or visiting local schools to motivate young pupils.

My primary ambition is to become a social entrepreneur, solving social problems in Namibian communities, and ensuring that every Namibian has access to the same opportunities to better their lives and that they become role models to others within their communities. My current research is focused on digitizing Namibian Indigenous Languages (NIL), which advocates the preservation of all local languages, extending them to digital world and getting citizens to participate in building a collaborative online dictionary.

For mentorship, guidance and assistance, you can contact Heinrich by email